Welcome to Earthstar Geographics

Earthstar Geographics is a full service consulting firm specializing in products and services
for the geospatial data industries. We are specialists in the processing of satellite imagery, and
have over 20 years experience in remote sensing and satellite image processing.
We offer the following products and services:

  • TerraColor Satellite Imagery - Our affordable, high quality digital satellite images of earth. Our TerraColor® product now provides complete global coverage of the earth at 15-meter spatial resolution, and is used by popular web mapping services. TerraColor is the cost effective way to obtain quality off-the-shelf satellite imagery of large urban areas, states, provinces, countries, continents, or the entire planet. We now have versions with a generic blue ocean or a bathymetric shaded relief, and have upgraded many areas to reduce cloud cover and improve image quality. Unlike other vendors, we offer a complete, integrated globe of data with pole-to-pole coverage.

  • The Earth-Imagery.com Poster Series - Our new website offering sale of high quality, hard copy posters of selected areas of the earth using our custom processed satellite imagery. Currently we offer a Hawaiian Islands poster and Baja California, Mexico poster, and more in the future. Use our direct on-line order processing.